Thursday, May 27, 2010

Proposal video!


Parking map for the reception

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Derek and Amanda as kids

Derek and Amanda grew up in Arizona. They were in the same ward for a little while and played on the same soccer team together in 1995. Amanda's brother, Ammon, and Derek were good friends. Amanda always had a crush on Derek, who, like every boy, never payed attention to his friend's little sister.

Together in Utah!

Derek's family moved to Bountiful UT in 1999.
During the summer of 2003, the Hallsteds were visiting UT for a family reunion and went to see the Walkers. Amanda was excited to see what Derek was like, after having a crush on him when she was 5 years old. Derek only remembered Ammon from being friends with him when they were little, but finally noticed that Ammon had a cute little sister.

Derek and Amanda immediately hit it off. They had a blast together and were instant friends with major crushes on each other. They created great memories in a short 2 days.

Six months later, the Hallsted's decided they were moving to UT. They moved to Cedar Hills, Utah on New Years Day of 2004.

The Walkers and Hallsteds got together a few times a year even though they lived an hour apart. The first time getting together after the Hallsteds moved up to Utah, was when the Walkers came down to see Amanda perform in the Musical, Oliver.

They also did things in the summer like hike Timpanogos Caves followed by a fun jeep ride up the canyon, and go to Lagoon a few times!

When Amanda was finally old enough to date, Derek took Amanda on their first double date to see Pirates of the Caribbean dressed as pirates. They had a blast. They also went on a temple square date each christmas.

Mission, college, and how it all began after the mission!!

Derek was called to serve in the Bangkok Thailand mission
on January 16, 2008. He served a faithful 2 year mission...

...while Amanda went to college at UVU in Orem and lived in Provo.

They both experienced 2 years of many growing and learning experiences on opposite ends of the world. They wrote letters back and forth on occasion.

Derek arrived home on December 17, 2009. Five days later, both families got together and served Christmas dinner at the homeless shelter. This was the first time Derek and Amanda had seen each other after Derek's mission. It was a blast. Once again, Derek and Amanda hit it off and were instant friends.

Coincidentally, both families were going to Southern California for Christmas vacation.
Amanda was able to spend a lot of time with the Walkers.

After California, Derek and Amanda got together every weekend and have been together every weekend since.

Engagement and happy as can be!

The Walkers invited Amanda to go on Vacation to Arizona with them over Valentine's Weekend. All of Amanda's roommates kept saying she was going to get proposed to. Her dad had tricked her into believing it wouldn't be until the end of March. And she thought Derek might ask about rings before he proposes.
They went to a family friend's reception before heading to the airport. They were all very excited for the trip. Derek proposed on the plane and COMPLETELY surprised Amanda. Everyone but Amanda knew it was coming.
Derek and Amanda have been on cloud 9 since. They are best best friends and are thrilled to spend eternity together.

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